We first want to honour the Lord for His goodness to us. Wonderful opportunities await us on the horizon as VALUABLE TO JESUS in Gauteng gets ready to fly yet again. Already some great things happening on the workshop side of things in 2017, and hopefully, open doors to present this message in several schools in Gauteng Province, RSA.

DOWNLOAD Valuable to Jesus Campaign invitation to workshop

View the calendar event here:  http://www.ear2hear.co.za/event/vtj-workshop-20170307/

How wonderful it is when the older citizen’s of the Christian community work together with the younger generation to reach the youngest of our society… The team finished with +/-450 dolls by packing them today. Much prayer has gone up for each child who shall receive a little doll. What a wonderful way to end the year off.  We are so grateful for this team of dedicated people involved in the VALUABLE TO JESUS campaign in Gauteng.
  • Chrissie Naude for your hard work during the year to ensure that this knitting teams remains cohesive!
  • We also give a special thank you to the wonderful, wonderful people from the Australian Churches supporting Lindsey Parker (WEC). She really helped us in a wonderful way by bringing us completed dolls so beautifully made. Each and everyone of you dear people are precious – thank you for the contribution of dolls that you sent to us. We know your labour is not in vain!
  • We are very glad for the sponsorship that came from AVBOB to cover some of our expenses. This came at the right time!
  • We are also grateful again to Straatwerk and the amazing work they do in Capetown, South Africa. We appreciate the tireless work put into the campaign in order to ensure it is viability for the rest of us who share the message.
We have had a blessed year all-in-all and we are grateful to God for the kindness he has shown us to do the work of the Kingdom!
You can contact Annelize Fourie for any questions you may have regarding the workshops or knitting groups in the Gauteng area at +83 441 2737
For more information please contact Straatwerk today – imagine the difference you can make in a child, your community and a nation!
Or view online here…

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