Dear Praying Friends,

Thank you for participating in today’s prayer action. You may feel like exercises like these are silly, but we as EAR2HEAR have seen consistent results – because we serve a Faithful Father who honours those who diligently seek Him!

Over the years many have sought after God with us, and we can testify again and again of the wonderful things our Lord is doing.

Do not give up in prayer but press forward, and be assured as God’s sons and daughters, if you ask God for bread He will not give you a stone… and if you ask Him for a fish, He will not give you a scorpion. When you ask in Faith, in Jesus name, expect God to hear your prayer and answer according to His kind will!

Our theme for this prayer and fast came to us last week and it is highly appropriate. Last month we prayed for the Harvest. This time however we need to pray that we be the light and instruments of God in order for the Harvest to come in. Jesus says we must not hide our lights, but let them be seen by all men. Who is the light of our hearts… it is Jesus. Let us bring Jesus, the light of our Salvation to the ends of the Earth.

Pray that all Christians would at this time, trim their lamps and light them for the time has come for us to shine before the gentiles, even to the ends of the earth.

God bless and Happy praying!



  • This remains a central part of what we do. Sharing resources with those who do not know Christ, discipling converts and encouraging believers. Currently we are experiencing a severe shortage on printed media for the first time in 7 years. Please pray for this as we are in need of Bibles, tracts and other media to reach people.
  • We also supply printed materials to other organisations and Christian workers to share the Good News in their outreaches.
  • Please pray for the timely completion and printing of THE REFRESHING MAGAZINE issue #11.


  • We praise God for the success of the Valuable to Jesus workshop that took place this month. Led by our ministry partners from GOOD NEWS HEARTS – Annelize Fourie, Ronelle Roux, Gidea Lotter and Rosli Strydom were so incredible to work with. The theory and practical work has been a real blessing to the organisers. We also praise God for the sponsorships that paid for most of the training expenses. Usually expenses covered out-of-pocket. Practical’s were covered at Dithabaneng Primary School in Gauteng Province and Bingweni Secondary School in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa.
  • We honour the Lord for new doors opening for our HARVEST: PRAISE & EVANGELISM WORKSHOP. We have received excellent feedback and results. Please pray for us as we prepare to present this in October at a leader’s conference.
  • Please pray for our LEAD: WORKSHOP, for leaders, and our GROW: WORKSHOP, for disciples, which we need to complete this year.


  • Please pray for the continuous development of the HOPE BOX – a digital portable library, which computers, tablets, smartphones and other WIFI enabled devices can use to download audio, text and video resources. These resources include evangelism materials, discipleship materials and Bibles. It doesn’t need an internet connection. It is easy to use and it is free. We have over 12 test units in the field with some excellent feedback from South East Asia and South Africa.
  • Please pray for HOPE FOR THE HEART LEADERS RESOURCE PACKS. These are DVD’s libraries with resources we make available to leaders, missionaries, evangelists and pastors. Pray for the resources that have already been distributed to 29 countries in 86 languages in 13 months. Pray for more open doors for us to reach leaders and nations with the Gospel using these tools.
  • Please pray for our resources website which needs to make progress now. Pray we will have the time, motivation and energy to develop this resource as an outreach tool.


  • Please pray for us as we look for someone to appoint to help us with the running of our prayer network.
  • Please pray for additional intercessors to stand with us prayer.


  • Pray for justice, righteousness, mercy, love and kindness to work on the hearts of men.
  • May repentance be seen and God be glorified. May we be a light and may men and women fall in love with Jesus Christ.


Please pray for open doors for us to do more humanitarian service this year through sustainable and non-sustainable projects. We have interest in implementing several projects however, resources are short and good contacts are always needed. Please pray that whatever projects we are able to find, that we would do them well.


Please keep praying for our growing network. Pray for new contacts. Pray that we maintain our existing partnerships successfully. Pray that network partners will honour this co-worker relationship we have established with them. Thank God for those who work faithfully together with us in the network! Pray for the following network partners and network friends….

MISSION: ASIA 2000 (Visit: www.asia2000.za.org)

The situation in Cambodia spoke to them tremendously seeing it is a strong Buddhist country.  Buddhism leads to the worship of many gods and the streets are full of these idols. The spirits are also worshipped and feared, and for this reason almost every house or business has a “spirit house” in front of their homes or workplaces. All these things together make it a very big and important prayer point.  We pray especially for the children who are being reached by our workers, and that the wonderful Bible lessons which they receive will give all they need to decisively follow Jesus.

ECO MINISTRY / SAFARI 4 CHRIST (Visit: www.ecoministry.co.za)

  • For Mike and Natasha: We need ministry partners and building of support for 2018. We are going full time as Campus Crusade for Christ Staff.
  • Kruger National Park – Jesus Film outreaches at all camps with Pastor Mathumbu
  • Samburu National Park – Kenya. Jesus Film outreaches and preaching points with Pastor Ndori.
  • Jesus Film outreaches North East KwaZulu Natal. Community and Eco Tourism Industry with Pastor Masinga.


  • We require a house to continue doing the work of God. In Pretoria. Please pray with us for release over us financially.

MISSIONS WITH PURPOSE – JAPAN. (Visit: www.mwprefuge.org.za)

  • It is very beautiful to see how these friendships are growing and new friendships are arising. Pray for wisdom how to be sensitive in this culture but as well still share Jesus with them in a way they will accept. By far most people that we have met until now are not Christians. Pray for the people that we are already in contact with, but also for the people that we will come in contact with in the future, that they will meet and accept Jesus personally in their hearts.
  • Pray for open doors to teach English in our small city, so that this will help us to start and maintain more long term relationships with people and to be a witness and testimony of God’s love for these people!
  • Please pray that also learning the Japanese language will go better and better and that God will use this powerfully in building friendships and to draw people to Himself.
  • Pray for the weekly Bible studies and prayer groups and for more spiritual growth for the people and the Japanese church. That more and more people will come to faith!
  • Pray for the Japanese pastor and his wife. That God will give them wisdom, health and strength. And for our relationship with them, to be a blessing for each other and for the missions.
  • Also pray for our marriage. That we will put God always as our first priority in our lives and that our relationship will be strong and in unity with Jesus!


Please pray for Judith Mahlangu’s car it is broken for 3 weeks now.

HABAKKUK2. (Visit: www.habakkuk2.za.org)

David DeWit asks that we pray for:

  • Strategy to develop evangelism / discipleship videos.
  • Spiritual vision – so He can know what to do next.
  • His Health.
  • For His premises to be sold.⁠⁠⁠⁠


Please pray for:

  • Our camp on weekend of 24 March. Holy Spirit has shaken things up. We will be doing practical workshops in the form of Art, Dance and Drama as a form of worship and evangelism. We are trusting for “breakthrough and equipping” for the ladies that they may be activated and released into callings and be more effective in the Kingdom.
  • Ankia and I fly to Malaysia on 9 April to present Spirit School at one of the many venues we will be presenting and equipping the saints. We return on 21 April. We believe for “freedom and safety” given the current tension in the country.
  • On a personal level I believe for Peace, Restoration, and financial breakthrough.



  • Leaders 2017 – Conference & Prayer Action:
    • Pray for finances for leaders to buy their tickets to SA, to attend the leader’s conference in October. Many of them need also need to apply successfully for Visas.
  • Missions Trip to Uganda:
  • My friend Lillamore that wants to go with to Uganda still needs confirmation. Pray for the finances she needs for the trip.
  • My health condition is difficult to travel on busses.
  • The Whole team that is getting together in Bugiri from different countries. All the planning there.
  • Valuable to Jesus Campaign:
  • I am making connections with schools for the next term.
  • Personal:
  • My car is in for repairs, that they will finish it in time.

View the prayer requests online:





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