It was the privilege of several network partners and friends to meet up with Louise Ambati from Colours of Day Ministry. Louise has worked primarily in India with her husband Raj Ambati, to reach people in the local town in which she stays with the Gospel of Jesus. Louise has recently returned to South Africa for a break.

Louise at Mission: Asia 2000.

EAR2HEAR and MISSION: ASIA 2000 hosted a “Meet and Greet” session for Louise in South Africa in order for her to present her story to others. Many were moved in our hearts by the need in places such as India. Where Raj and Louise work is often done with great personal risk. That is what the Gospel sometimes asks us to do when it comes to sharing the LOVE of KING JESUS with others who live in darkness.

Louise is planning to depart for a short term mission trip to the Transkei region of the Eastern Cape. She writes more about the Transkei and the challenges facing many communities there….

An 81 year old woman was brutally murdered and set a light while family members helplessly looked on; too scared to do anything because of the angry mob. She died because she was believed to be a witch who has done witchcraft on a young family member of the mob. Witches die daily in Transkei. In a community of ancestral worship, traditional medicine, traditional healers and severe poverty witch craft is as normal as breathing….

Transkei is one of the poorest places in South Africa. Crime is high. Very poor health resources  with very few qualified doctors and hardly to no medicines. Pot holed and overflown drainages greet you everywhere. Schools are few and in very bad conditions. The majority of this population believes in ancestral worship.

COLOURS OF DAY is going to Transkei. To share the greatest healer and helper ever, Jesus Christ….Come and follow this journey….8 July-15 July.

We need your prayers. Your encouragement and support as we want to not only bring Word but also Jesus in Action to the community of Transkei…..

God bless you and yours as you join with us. We are all loved by God. Let’s be the light of Jesus to Transkei…

Sharing Love….Word and Deed.



NETWORK: Colours of Day – Feedback June 2017
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