We mourn together with Raj and Louise Ambati from Colours of Day India. They have lost a dear lady several hours ago who was murdered during a prayer meeting on the roof top of her home.

The small Christian community is in shock, and EAR2HEAR is also shocked by the news sent to us by our network partner.

Louise shares the emotionally charged news with us below:

“Bless you Amma.You were brutally murdered on your roof top by an Hindu (we pray for his salvation)… because you were praying… I salute you…You inspire me to go on… whether the Western Church believes in us or not…He does like He always knew you would be faithful to the end…

I pray they stop playing church and come to know what real believers looks like.

May the “Christians” themselves stop funding porn, stop paying Hollywood for its trashy movies, stop wasting countless hours surfing through internet chatter and perversity, stop spending exorbitant amounts of money on themselves, stop meditating on vindictive and illicit thoughts, and stop ignoring God’s warnings, commands, and Word.

And may each person stop with the grandiose view of themselves and quit behaving as if they’re too dignified to fall on their faces before the Holy God we’ve sinned against. May we humble ourselves enough to weep and sob before His merciful throne and desperately petition Him to spare the people, the souls, even the nation, and to, by His Spirit, help us all turn completely away from our depravity –to Him– so that we may from now on love, uphold, and live out righteousness”.

Dear Amma, who was murdered for her Faith in Jesus Christ

Hindu nationalism is an increasing problem in India, and minority faiths come under regular attack by extremists.

There are 6 provinces where Christians are actively persecuted for their faith according to various Christian organisations who monitor global persecution of Christians. Government officials often turn a blind eye to the plight of Christians due to the fact that the caste system in India often lists Christians as the lowest of castes – they fear repercussions if they defend them.

However many faithful believers such as the Ambati’s continue to do good among communities by reaching out to those who are in darkness, broken, poor and marginalised by society – the Gospel is the power of God – it has the power to save even the most extreme.

Please pray for the Body of Christ in the nations where Christians are persecuted and marginalised. More importantly pray for Christians who are lukewarm in countries where people are free to worship… for they are they ones in the greatest danger of all.

NETWORK: Colours of Day India – Tragic News
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