What a joy to read of the mighty works of King Jesus. He works through brittle, clay vessels… but that makes it even more miraculous to think how much is done through the powerful hand of God through us. What an honour to be part of this Kingdom work.

This month we are excited for the Kingdom Culture: Openmind team again… They also have a special project this weekend. Contact them and see how you can get involve.

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Dear Friends,

We have had a very busy month, from serving in the gardens of other ministries and putting together Care Packs, to seeing how people get delivered from some serious demonic strong holds and be filled with the Holy Spirit. The more I have the opportunity to love people back to life, the more I am aware of God’s reckless love for us. He truly gave it all, to bring you and me to a place where we can be saved from eternal death, but more than that, so that we can be revealed as true children of the King of kings….

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NETWORK: Kingdom Culture Openmind – news July 2018
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