What an incredible day we had with the Klipgat Branch of PALM TREE LEADERSHIP FORUM. A well attended event, with eager hearts and minds excited to learn about their responsibilities as leaders and workers in the Kingdom of God.

Johannah Bopape brought us an excellent word concerning the need for Christians to take their responsibilities in leading in a leaderless world – where politics and society fail to protect the innocent. God has given us a powerful witness of Jesus Christ to the nation.
We were very happy to have Carle Jonker from Petra Institute with us. She came to help the members understand the important of working with children to effectively reach them for the Kingdom.
We then turned the final session over to Nachos from RETO HOPE. This organisation works with helping drug addicts come free from their addictions. We were really touched by the testimony of his young housemate brought to us. The Lord saved this man and helped him through his addictions… to the point where today he is a facilitator with RETO HOPE.
We are very grateful to each person who helped to make this branch meeting a success. The Klipgat team has already a new addition, Adam, who is helping in a wonderful way.
We praise God for His faithfulness and help extended to His children. It takes hard work and faithful dedication to do this work.
NETWORK: Palm Tree Leadership Gathering (Klipgat Branch) Sept 2018 Feedback!
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