Have you been prayed for repeatedly for the same issue?

Do you feel that you seem to go round and round the same problem in your life?

Then these understanding days could be for you! God knows the foundations of your being and the key areas that affect your life. If the fruit is there, there will be a root.

Often we give “first aid” in our prayers to the broken and hurting, but feel frustrated that no lasting solution seems to result. It may be because we are praying for the symptoms rather than the true root of the problem. This course gives you the opportunity to discover the principles of praying in-depth into problems, about different types of roots, how they got there and how to remove them. We encourage you to attend these foundational teachings to gain understanding…

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Other ESSENTIAL workshops you may need to consider…

We all invest in this life through either money, property, education or family… wouldn’t it be good to invest in your Spiritual well-being? Ellel can help in equipping you through various healing and growth workshops. EAR2HEAR fully endorses the work they do, and we have seen firs-hand the transformation brought in the lives of network associates that have attended these workshops.

NETWORK: Getting to the Root of the Problem part 1 – 31 October 2018
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