Dear Praying Friends,

This broken world is doing it’s best to break the Church of the Lord. The persecution and trials Christian’s face is often unmentionable. The Lord Jesus himself rebuked Saul for persecuting the Church. Amazingly, Saul repented, took on a new name Paul and preached the Gospel around the known world. Even in our suffering God is saving those who persecute – so it is important to pray for the Bride of Christ.

  • Pray that she does not give up, or try to fight God’s battles.
  • Pray that she will be a light to the world.
  • Pray that she will be forgiving and loving toward her enemies!

God bless and Happy Praying.

You can download our prayer guide for 16 November 2018 here.


PRAY: Friday Pray & Fast – 16 November 2018
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