Unstoppable Fire!

Dear friend,

I’ve been thinking about the story of Pinocchio recently. This little wooden man had a dream to be a real boy and then he got distracted from his dream to go to Pleasure Island. He only realized that he gave up on his dream when he started growing donkey ears.

I was thinking about how we have a deep-rooted God given dream in our Spirit and when we are submitted to God’s love our dreams and desires come from the Holy Spirit. Then the dreams become distorted when we lose focus and become driven by our own selfishness. When we no longer stay in obedience to what God has been speaking to us about, we become distorted and deformed people. So, my question to myself and to you reading this, is what is making you steer your life towards “Pleasure Island” instead of the Kingdom of God? What are your donkey ears?

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NETWORK: Kingdom Culture Openmind – News – November 2018!
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