Consider supporting the work we do. All our work is done for free and it is given in joy.

EAR2HEAR functions as a resource supplier for evangelism, a ministry consultant for organisations. Today ongoing projects continue to help us fulfill our vision to reach thousands of people with messages of Faith, Hope and Love; these projects include:

Free Web hosting

EAR2HEAR provides free, quality hosting for it's network partners. One of several perks for collaboration within the network.

Ministry Consultation

EAR2HEAR has assisted over 40 ministries and other faith-based organisations over the years. Some of the organisations we have helped have gone on to form meaningful partnerships with us. Our consulting services assist new, or struggling ministries with various issues affecting their mandate. We advise organisations on how to pursue their mandate while offering other free value added services which include marketing solutions through building digital presence on-line and using various multimedia.

Facilitation for Leaders

Many leaders, missionaries and and full-time ministry workers find ministry a lonely and difficult road. EAR2HEAR has assisted and coached over 160 leaders, missionaries and and full-time ministry workers in how to effectively work within the Kingdom of God. A Kingdom mindset is essential to successful Kingdom work. We all at one point in time need God to transform our hearts and minds so that we “set our eye's on things above" and not on “things below".

Digital Publishing

EAR2HEAR is involved with a few small publications, for ministries and organisations that need certain services with regards to publishing and digital design. Our publications include:

Discipleship through Organic Groups.

We are passionate about the discipleship and spiritual growth of people. This includes discovering identity and Kingdom purpose in Christ Jesus.

Our growing network of organic “home groups" have a vision for Jesus and His Kingdom. These small groups getting together are about love, intimate fellowship, discipleship and evangelism. Currently groups associated with EAR2HEAR are in the Pretoria area.


We are passionate about distributing biblical materials in multiple languages, to different places on a global scale. Together with our own staff; network partners and other external parties, we work together to bring the Gospel to a few of the worlds 7 billion people.

Read more about what evangelism is…

There is such a need for resources in our world today. From tracts, Bibles, DVD’s and audio CD’s in different languages.

As a resource organization we are privileged to be able to share our resources with the people of our world. Numerous projects and initiatives are always under way – allowing us to go further and further into places that we never dreamed possible.

Bible restoration project
In the many very poor communities, families
sit without a complete Bible. While we strive to provide for these
families – many times resources…
Resource Essentials
Under construction April 2017
Printed Media
Under construction April 2017

EAR2HEAR has an organic network partnering different organisations and people together for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and for the benefit of the greater Church.

Organic Networking?

ORGANIC NETWORKING affords Christian organisations and Christian people the opportunities to effectively work together for the purpose of the Gospel and the glorious Kingdom of God.

Many Christian organisations and Christian people struggle day-in and day-out to accomplish their visionary task or mandate that God has laid out for them. Not because God doesn’t want us to succeed but rather because God desires that we recognize the importance of working together. It is essential that we recognize our strengths, weaknesses, abilities and lacks – by doing this we find area’s that others can assist us in. Through Organic Networking a greater work may be done more effectively.

Our Network?

The Body of Christ is made up of many parts – but they are all one. If one part is missing in the body, it operates at a less than efficient way. Our desire is to see a more optimal Spiritual service that would see people sharing and being interconnected on all levels. The EA2HEAR organic network is a cross-racial, cross-cultural, cross-generational and non-denominational. This serves to reinforce the idea that God finds diversity beautiful and he blesses it!

Since inception we have seen these concepts above become a reality for us and others. Many thousands of people have been reached and loved; and for as long as God keeps doors open we will continue to work together and grow as a network.

Who is working with us?


Missionaries and ministries often struggle endlessly with little or no resources, limited contacts and poor exposure. EAR2HEAR has a great platform to support each other in love.


Christian missionaries or workers often struggle endlessly with little or no resources, limited contacts and poor exposure. EAR2HEAR has a great platform to support individual or independent workers in love.


Friends of the Ministry not in full partnership – but we have a good working relationship and mutual understanding in ministry. We even work together on projects and contribute with one another on Spiritual matters.

EAR2HEAR supports various prayer initiatives to ensure our ministry continues to function. Prayer with intercession is also made on behalf of our network partners & network friends as well as for other Kingdom causes!

What is Prayer?

Communication with God is central to the Christian life. It is commonly known as prayer. It is not a repetitive mantra; neither is it a shopping list. Prayer is intimate fellowship between Creator and his created humans. Without it Christians fail and Churches fail, and our little worlds go into turmoil. Which is currently what is happening on earth around us today.

God came down to Adam and Eve to fellowship with them. Sin broke off that intimate fellowship. Jesus and His death would pay the price for the restoration of mankind into fellowship with God. The Bible says we can now come BOLDLY before the throne of God, a throne of Grace. Here we can communicate with Him again as in times old (before the fall of man) and it is here that we can find help in time of need.

You will struggle to continue through life (as a child of God) if you do not communicate with Him. This ministry was started with a desire to see Christians everywhere communicate with the Lord. We also believe it to be God’s tool to help the Church better understand its role in the world. And for God’s will to be made manifest in the lives of those who seek after Him…

Weekly Prayer with EAR2HEAR PRAY.

Every Monday evening groups of intercessors are praying for EAR2HEAR, it's partners and friends.

We pray for prayer requests sent in by the general public.

We also pray for the nations of for global evangelism & discipleship.

These intercessors are are welcomed as prayer partners by invitation only.

Monthly Prayer with EAR2HEAR PRAY.

“Have no cares; but in everything with prayer and praise put your requests before God. And the peace of God, which is deeper than all knowledge, will keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.”  Philippians 4:6 – 7 BBE

2019 – days set aside for Pray and Fast Fridays from 06h00 – 18h00 (usually 3rd Friday of selected months)

  • 22 February 2019
  • 22 March 2019
  • 24 May 2019
  • 21 June 2019
  • 19 July 2019
  • 20 September 2019
  • 18 October 2019
  • 22 November 2019

We would encourage all Home Groups, Churches, Ministries and Missions that are part of EAR2HEAR to join us on this day to pray for vital issues that would affect Christians locally and abroad. Jesus told us (during his darkest hours in the Garden of Gethsemane) that we should “WATCH and PRAY”. Not such a great demand upon us but it seems it is one of the fewest practices we see in the Church today. Jesus said that our “spirit is willing, but our flesh is weak”. It is the one area where Satan will hinder us as much as he can. He knows how effective one prayer session can be – Look at Jesus after the Garden of Gethsemane, He was able to succeed in the task God the Father set for Him – and now we see the effect of that prayer session two thousand years later – the Bible says that Jesus is the Captain of many people’s salvation!

Now consider the words of Jesus: “Greater things than these you shall do!” So what we need to do is simple: FAST from sunrise to sunset – don’t let people know of your fast, it is between you and God. Your fast is up to you. Daniel had a fast of vegetable stew. Others fasted with “no pleasant bread” (i.e. bread such as brown bread). This sort of fast is ideal for those who have health issues such as “low blood sugar / hyperglycemia”. If however you are willing to fast during the day without any food, then that is completely up to you. PRAY – We have made a list of generic issues that you can touch on before the Lord when you are praying. Obviously, you can branch out as you wish. It is already quite an extended list and will keep you praying for quite a while.


The Prayer Sessions with EAR2HEAR PRAY.

During the month of JANUARY, APRIL, AUGUST and DECEMBER on a daily basis. We pray for the matters of THE KINGDOM OF GOD, for the Church, for the Gospel, for Missions and Ministries and all matters relating to relationship with God, Spirituality and godliness!

        • 1 – 30 April 2019
        • 1 – 31 August 2019
        • 1 December 2019

EAR2HEAR loves to help people on a humanitarian basis. It is a great way to demonstrate Christ's love practically!

Organisations Supported by EAR2HEAR!

Each organisation is rotated and gets a chance to receive of the resources given to us.

Current Beneficiaries include:


Past Beneficiaries include:


The Needs of the Organisations Supported by EAR2HEAR!

The Needs of the organizations we support in humanitarian crisis are simple:

  1. Food – perishable and non-perishables are welcome as different organizations have different needs.
  2. Clothing – Second hand and new are welcome. We have people who will
    sort it out and distribute it to the correct channels. Please note we
    only accept under garments that are NEW for health safety reasons.
  3. Toiletries such as soap, towels, shampoo, toothbrushes, tooth paste,
    wash cloths, shaving razors, women's toiletries, new nappies (diapers),
    and other baby orientated toiletries.
  4. Educational toys and Equipment, sewing machines, woodworking equipment etc for skills development centers, stationery.
  5. Property for the purpose of assisting in building safe houses and crisis centers.
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