Evangelism is at the heart of what we do at EAR2HEAR. It is what we call the “THIRD major commandment” that Jesus gave His disciples. (Some may also call it the “Great Commission”).

Evangelism is not the same as proselytism (force conversions). Evangelism is also not the same as evangelization (Christianizing / “Churching”) the world.

Evangelism is being a light to the world – a witness to our families, communities, our country and to the nations.

Evangelism is when a Christian, under God’s clear leading, shares the Good News (the Gospel) with people they meet in every day life. This may include sharing about Jesus; and sharing about your own experience of God’s grace (also called your testimony) among other things.

There are others, such as missionaries and evangelists that purposefully meet people for evangelism sake. Our desire is to see that evangelism be taken up by all members of the Body of Christ (the Church of Jesus) and not just by evangelists and missionaries.

Remember we are the sheep – and in the Church it is sheep that produce sheep. Our experience points out again and again, that we cannot expect the Church leadership to produce sheep!

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