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So,  the much-feared COVID-19 virus reaches South Africa and our entire nation has been placed into lockdown. It certainly leaves us with great uncertainty and many questions.

Besides the many encouraging prophetic words that prophets have spoken before the virus broke out, there is one missionary’s name that consistently comes to mind:  John G Lake. He was not only one of the founders of the Apostolic Faith Mission (AFM/AGS) in South Africa 1908. The Bubonic Black Plague was active in South Africa and everyone was too afraid to even bury the bodies of the people that died, so John G Lake started burying the bodies.  The doctors told him that he was writing his own death certificate, and his response was, “No, it will die, because of the Lord Jesus…”

They placed the deceased in his hands, and it (the plague)  died in his hand (John G Lake, Man of God; from 22:04).

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