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In many very poor communities, families sit without a complete Bible. While we strive to provide for these families, many times resources or finances are not available to fully accommodate them. Yet a project initiative to acquire and restore Bibles is underway, and hundreds of Bibles have been restored to this day. While we cannot restore every single Bible brought to us, most are salvageable and are easily cleaned and prepared for a new home.

Many middle-class families in South Africa, for example, have several Bibles that lay on their shelves unused and unread. With the advent of technology, mobile phones, computers, tablets, and e-book readers, many Bibles have become untouched because of their digital equivalents.

Less fortunate people who do not have access to these technologies will readily make use of a physical, restored hard copy.

Consider sending us your spare Bibles, no matter what condition, and let us restore them to the best we can and then send them to the needy!

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