It is not our story but His!

It has been a long journey of discovery, renewal, and breakthrough. God has taken a “rag-tag” group of Christians and given them a significant purpose for the Kingdom of God. God has spoken to us by His Word and directed us in the way we should go. The Word of God lit the way forward when we asked for a name in 2007. This name had to be unique and unused worldwide! We received the inspiration we needed as we journeyed through the holy books of Revelation and Isaiah. The phrase EAR-TO-HEAR stood out to us, and so we incorporated it into our name EAR2HEAR. This was not the end of the line for our name. We had to ensure no one was using it at that time. We conducted intense inquiries and internet searches and found that no one used this name. It was the first of many such miracles. There are thousands of ministries and organizations with awesome names, and God has seen our desire and come through wonderfully.

Organic Groups

In 2007, until the end of 2008, we kept things simple! We maintained a network of Organic Groups (small groups) in people’s homes. Hillsong Music, among many other Christian worshipers, brought incredible blessings into our lives. The Bible in the New Living Translation brought a deeper understanding to our ever-growing knowledge, and Brother Yun challenged us with his book, “The Heavenly Man.”

The Start of 4 Streams…

God started challenging the ORGANIC GROUPS to reach out; otherwise, we risked becoming an internally focused group. To balance ourselves, God placed it on our hearts to move beyond Jerusalem one step at a time. To prevent things from becoming too complicated, we planned to divide our activities into four different streams, represented by four different colours in our logo. Our first stream was Ministries or EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES, represented by the colour green, which signifies GROWTH and NURTURE. This stream covered anything related to our publishing and mentoring activities. The Pray, Network, and Care streams were to follow later. Under EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES, we published a regular newsletter called “The Refreshing” (the name is taken from Isaiah 28:12), which we used to encourage the people we worked with, as well as Christians in the outside world. It soon became clear to us that this was not God’s final intention for the rest of our existence. There was more to Christianity than these things.

A Desire for Christian Unity and the Result was Organic Networking…

One Sunday afternoon, after an Organic Group in the suburb of Hillcrest, a member suggested light-heartedly that we needed to have a united conference of all the Organic Groups and organizational leaders working with us. Little did we know that this suggestion would become a reality. A few months later, we hosted the first UNITY Conference in March 2009. Around 80 delegates joined us from far and wide to attend this event at a local theatre. This conference taught us that God truly sees our heart’s desires (Psalm 37) and that we need to be careful in what we say and ask God.

Before the Unity Conference, we had met and helped a number of organizational leaders by consulting with them on their work. This consulting and mentoring, done by several of EAR2HEAR’s leaders, resulted in wonderful relationships and partnerships being built. It brought us to a place where the people and organizations we helped started asking us to work closer together.

At the first UNITY Conference, we decided to launch the next stream of our organization, the network or EAR2HEAR NETWORK, represented by the colour blue. Blue is synonymous with PEACE and COOPERATION. We had been given a clear mandate to pour our time and resources into this network. We called this kind of cooperation an organic network. This organic networking is a sharing of contacts, resources, ideas, volunteers, and support. Today, this network has served over 60 ministries and organizations. We partner with around half of these organizations, with several more in the pipeline waiting to join.

A Greater Need for Prayer

While prayer has always been a big part of the life and activities of EAR2HEAR, it was in the light of the EAR2HEAR NETWORK that we decided to incorporate our third stream, represented by fiery yellow, today known as EAR2HEAR PRAY. The fiery yellow colour spoke clearly to us of our prayers being a FIERY OFFERING to GOD and a call unto GOD that His GLORY would move on the lives of all flesh. Today, this prayer network calls on the help of intercessors locally and internationally to pray for matters affecting the Kingdom and the Global Church while also praying for matters affecting the EAR2HEAR NETWORK.

Humanitarian Needs

Finally, in 2009, we established our fourth stream, Care or EAR2HEAR CARE, which is pink in colour. Pink represents HEALTH and WELL-BEING and speaks of our desire to meet the needs of people regarding physical and emotional wholeness. This stream has become a support to network partners and friends who have organizations focused on humanitarian needs and humanitarian-based outreaches. This may include feeding schemes and houses of safety for those working with the homeless and trafficked persons.

Resources for Reaching the Lost Locally and Internationally

In 2011, EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES not only consulted organizations and ministry leaders but also became a supplier of Bibles and evangelism materials to individuals and organizations in and outside of the EAR2HEAR NETWORK. A service we have been able to provide for free. It was a big step for us. Since then, until 2015, we have been blessed to supply over 100,000 units of resources for one-to-one evangelism. Hundreds of boxes of free resources have been distributed to almost 60 organizations, which in turn have shared them in over 20 countries. From December 2015 to February 2017, EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES supplied resources in 87 languages to 28 countries.

EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES continues helping organizations and people reach their potential. With the consulting work we do and the resources we supply, we can assist organizations and ministry workers to be effective in the mission field.

…and so

We have come very far over a long time, and we certainly wouldn’t dare try to list everything God has done through us. All we can do is thank God for every precious day He has given us to be involved in such an incredible undertaking!