‘We live in turbulent times with a significant shift in the world in the area of morality and human rights. Many believers are either not aware of this shift or are confused by the many voices and issues that challenge them on a daily basis. Believers often may respond to these with passivity, disillusionment, compromise, unbelief or even fear.

This online conference aims to develop the discernment of believers, to bring a balanced picture of the ‘signs the of times’, to explain what is happening in the world and how it affects every believer and the church. Our heart is to encourage Christians to know how to respond to these challenges and to understand the true meaning of standing firm and living in the safety of the fear of the Lord in these turbulent times.’

Standing Firm In Turbulent Times – Presented by Alistair Petrie, 30 Oct, 09:00-13:00 SA Time, Hosted By Ellel Ministries South Africa

About the Presenter: Alistair Petrie serves as the Executive Director of Partnership Ministries. For more info visit www.partnershipministries.org/alistair-petrie/biography/

Healing Service - TODAY!

An Ellel Online Healing Service is a free once a month event on the Zoom platform open to all. A healing service provides attendees an opportunity to receive a 20 min teaching on a variety of restoration themes and for them to then personally apply these truths in their lives. Registration is required.

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