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God loves His children

“See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!" 1 John 3:1

God restores

The young man in the banner picture is Bhagya Raj. When I met him he was on the edge of dying of TB. We got help from the government and he is currently having his 4 months of treatment. He looks so good. Getting better every day. He smiles so much now. He feels hopeful for the future. We managed to get him a government Id also. He is still not eligible for any type of grant yet. So we need to take care of him. We provide financial support on a weekly basis for him. He needs clothing though. He lives alone in this hut behind us. I asked him if he needed anything. He says the donation for food is all he needs now, He is just too humble to express his needs. Can we please get Bhagya Raj some clothes and blankets? I am praying that he will take baptism soon so that I can involve him in ministry. God has great plans for this young man. His parents died early and his wife left with his children because of his bad habits. God will and is restoring him.

Medical camp

We continue our medical camps the first week of every month. The medical camp is for homeless and destitute people who can’t afford to go to private doctors and who are also not accepted at government hospitals because they are not clean, don’t have identification or have any relative support. We are their relatives. These people are God’s creation and we as Christians are there to stand in the gap for them. We have our private RMP doctor who wholeheartedly comes whenever we call on his services, in the meanwhile, these people come to know God for His love and care for the homeless. We continue to feed and clothe them. It’s the rainy season now, where they live under the bridge. is very wet and cold. We need some blankets and mats for them.

Child marriage

Estimates suggest that each year, at least 1.5 million girls under 18 get married in India, which makes it home to the largest number of child brides in the world – accounting for a third of the global total. Nearly 16 per cent of adolescent girls aged 15-19 are currently married.

Shireesh is only 14 years old and with the help and Gods perfect plan for her life this child marriage was stopped with the help of Neelima(Raj Kumar’s wife). The issue was resolved before the Sub-inspector of police, who have given a strict warning to the father. The father is a drunken man who can’t take care of his family. Shireesha has one more sister who is 17 years old and mentally unfit. Sheesha has one blind eye. To have two girls in the family is already difficult according to culture. To have two disabled girls is complete hell for the family according to culture. So they try to at least get rid of one of them. Since Shireesha has a blind eye (“disadvantage’) they then try to marry the girl to an older person, maybe a person who had multiple marriages or anyone who is also in a “disadvantage’ maybe a drunkard boy or someone who has a drug addiction. The family has almost no income as there is no fieldwork available for the wife currently. The husband just roams around drinking. The solution is then that we must make sure that Shireesha brings something into the family. On behalf of Shireesha, we sponsor the family food parcels every second week. So that they don’t feel that she is a burden. We must try our best to save this girl from a hopeless future. Please pray for Shireesha. Now that we are inside the family. The Gospel is being shared. Hard situations are always an opportunity for Jesus to step into that family.

Our little boy Khartik

Khartik and his mom, who also have some mental weakness, live in the plastic shack house. There is no flooring inside but the hard ground. Outside at the back of the shack is the old rusty foldable cart bed of his grandpa. A drunkard. Khartik’s family is really suffering with no food. The mom is only skin and bones. She is weak but she pushes through .She is not yet 25 years old but her face is wrinkled like an old lady. Life has been so unfair. Husband left because of her mental condition. There is no hope nor respect for single ladies in India in general. For mental challenged single ladies it’s worse. Once the husband leaves, you become the object of scorn and mocking. Khartik is nine years old. I only wonder what will happen to him if his mother dies. We hope if God provides this new month that we can take her for some medical care. Khartik wants a fold up bed only…..The monsoons are here. It will rain for almost three months continuously….Please pray …..if God provides we will at least build a palm leaf hut for Khartik and his family. They get food for now together with the Gospel but they need just a little bit more. 

The church can never be locked down

  • We continue the work of God

  • Share the Gospel at homes as people gives opportunity

  • Reaching out to churches strengthening and equipping believers

  • Food cooking programs with volunteers

  • Discipling everyone who comes our way

  • Arts and crafts on Saturday morning for women

  • Our monthly Christian booklet

  • Online groups sharing the Word

  • Women’s pray sessions

Reports and Requests

  1. My Indian citizenship is still in progress. I didn’t get any update recently after the inspector’s visit to my home. It’s a very sensitive issue currently as I have an estranged husband who tries to get me out of India. He and his colleagues have also told the inspector that I share the Gospel and live by receiving money from Indian people, which is a lie.However the case may be I know the same God that brought me here will have the final say.
  2. My trust registration which I submitted three months back to an auditor came back and the auditor (who is a Hindu)said that the government is not accepting Christian charities now because Christians change Indian caste systems. This was a direct attack and he delayed me for three months. I did manage to find another very good Hindu auditor who is in charity for 30 years and a Rotarian. He said there is no such thing and he has already started my new registration process. I need this registration before I go before the Superintendent of police regarding why I want to stay in India. This registration can bring favour to me .
  3. My health is good after an accident one month ago. God is good in general. Hallelu Yah
  4. The deadly second wave has almost completely passed. Curfews are lifted. We have a little bit more freedom. Please continue to pray for India.
  5. Please continue to pray for God’s work here.
  6. Pray for me and everyone who is involved in this ministry.

Financial Contributions

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This ministry is a registered project with Helderberg Outreach Somerset  West
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Louisa Ann Ambati
Apostolic Visionary
The only thing i want in life, is to be known for loving Christ.

Thank you dear friend in Christ. We appreciate all your prayers encouragement and support. We can never do this without you. We pray blessings upon you and yours. God bless

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