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I will bless her with abundant provisions, her poor I will satisfy with food. Psalm 132:15

We continue to feed hundreds of  homeless people monthly. They are mostly elderly and handicapped deserted and rejected by society and families. We recently did personal one on one with many of them trying to understand how they landed up on the streets. We are trying to also help some of them get identity cards. Unfortunately the government does not  provide any funding if you are not  a native of the town. Many of these homeless people escaped from homes in other states. We want to approach the government office to see if there is any other way. Please pray. We also continue to feed, cloth  them and provide medical care. They face so many things. The pandemic is off course making the situation so much more difficult.
Through this feeding program we have access to many people who volunteer. We continue to disciple the volunteers. Many of them are young people.

Beautiful Feet Publications

How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good new Romans 10:15

We continue to share the good news of Jesus Christ in all the ways possible. One way is through Media. We have a monthly magazine in hard copy but also a digital version. This magazine was inspired by the Holy Spirit at the start of the Covid pandemic when we were not able to go out and preach as much as we want to. So the magazine goes out and do the preaching.


The new home is such a blessing. We continue to disciple every one who has a need for more.In this picture is the young Raj ,who is a trainee pastor with another ministry. Unfortunately this ministry is more like a cult where no one is allowed to get married and they leave their families and never contact them again.

They follow the leader very strictly. Raj didn't see his mom and dad for 10 years. Not even spoke to them for more then 5 minutes. As he said: “He doesn't want his heart to be drawn

He came to ask me for a Word and prayed. He was so excited. I prayed for Raj and shared with him that I am blessed to know about his dedication but that we should be careful not to follow the doctrines of man. And to idolize a man. I also said I pray that He will find a wife.
He is interested in doing ministry with me in his “free” time. This young man is very much in my heart. Please pray for his deliverance.

With him is the even younger Prasanth. My right hand man at the moment. Prasanth is a Hindu convert together with his family. They still have a whole lot of Hindu beliefs and lifestyles. Pray for me that I lead them in the right direction as they have very high respect for what I teach from the Word together with the Holy Spirit.

Through Prasanth I have access to many other young people and Hindus from the same caste as they are. They are very much in Caste systems still. We are just waiting for the green light to be able to gather again. Meanwhile we do one on one.

Many people also come for counselling and advice. There are a lot of marriage issues. Many women who come for prayer and healing. I am very much in need of a lady translator. Please pray for it. 

Reports and Requests

Praise Report:
I had a small accident with my scooter when  someone suddenly came from the wrong  direction right in front of me.I hit his back wheel  so severely that i fell off my motorcycle. I didn't get much damage on my bike but some joint pains from the impact of the collusion. It is slowly getting better. It could have been very bad but God sustained me.

Thank you for your constant prayers. Your prayers have made many things possible in the past years..

Prayer Request:

  1. My Citizenship Application progress
  2. India
  3. Health
  4. Sponsors
  5. Continuous prayers for this ministry

Appreciation to all the people who pray and support us. We are blessed by your continuous encouragement.

Financial Contributions

Banking Details:
Louisa A Ambati
First National Bank
Cape Town South Africa
FNB Gold Cheque Acc: 62578287461
Branch Code: 250655 Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

This ministry is a registered project with Helderberg Outreach Somerset  West
Cape Town South Africa. Donations can also be made to their account:

Ref: Colours of India
Bank Name Absa Helderberg
Account Name Helderberg Uitreik
Type of Account Savings
Account Nr 9114 483 080,
Branch Code 63200

Thank you dear friend in Christ. We appreciate all your prayers encouragement and support. We can never do this without you. We pray blessings upon you and yours. God bless

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