I was thinking about a situation that we are currently dealing with and the power of our choices. It either partners with God’s plan for our lives or it partners with satan’s plan for our lives.

We became friends with Allister (pseudonym), that has been substance-free for close to three years, yet still sleeping under a tree. He proved himself to be consistent and sober-minded. I took a chance and phoned a friend working in construction to hear if he can use him in something basic, like mixing cement. He was willing to take a chance on him. However, when they had to meet, Allister did not show. About 6 weeks later, we randomly bumped into him. To our dread, he started using again; the conditions on the streets are extremely harsh and when he is high; at least for those moments, he avoids the actual pain. We just listened to him spill his heart and arranged another meeting with my friend. Again, Allister did not show up. A few days later, we found him “randomly” again. Once again, we listened, but also gave him a very clear black and white choice. That same evening, he was waiting for us at the meeting spot. We phoned and he had a telephonic interview and started working the very next day. He still sleeps in the park, however, the miserable, bitter man that we encountered after he started using again, is nowhere to be found. He is full of hope, full of life and grabbing hold of the opportunity given to him to change his life. He went from someone that believed no one cares to someone that cares. Someone that knows that he is in desperate need of the healing Jesus Christ has for us… Read more here

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