My trip to Uganda left me with more questions than answers. After ministering in a village so remote that we literally ran out of road, the founding pastor told us, that they needed to do a leadership change once in that village and after that the church started to grow. This is how it happens – The people of the surrounding villages bring people to the church that they believe are “crazy”. After the “crazy” person spend two or three days at the church (mud hut), they are sent back to their community, with a completely sober mind. This was exciting and challenging to hear at the same time. The power of the gospel is at work in these villages, yet at the same time, I was asking myself, do I know and trust God to that level? Does He know and trust me to that level? The beauty of the village churches in Uganda are that there are many people that knows God in spirit and truth, but the world will never know their name. They don’t seek a platform; all they seek are to be with Jesus. This is so beautiful to me and the power of the gospel easily pour from their lives…. Read more here

As you know we have been building relationship with the Resurrection Ministry community.
We will be serving our friends once again. We are planning to support them with other essentials and really connecting with their hearts in having a day serving them to insulate their wendy houses during this cold winter.
It is going to be a fun day for all. We will share a meal with them, spending quality time and minister to the people.
We have space for maximum 15 volunteers for the day.
If you would like to be part of this outreach either by volunteering, donating some of the items, or contributing financially.
Please contact Vanessa Myburgh @ 072 9274 772

Visit their website:

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NETWORK: Kingdom Culture Global – June News 2021
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