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I’ve been invited to join another ministry in May, on outreach to Uganda. I’ve never been there and I’m honoured to be joining. Melissa and myself will be joining and I’m sure that we have a lot to learn from Kingdom Revealed Ministries. They have been doing it for many years.

During our fast, one question keeps cycling my mind. Have we as the church become so obsessed with the word revival, that we actually forget why we are contending for revival? Or who the river is? Is Jesus not the king of revival and when we experience His revival in our own hearts the spill over will touch nations? Does the word not say that Jesus is the Name above all names? Does that not mean, that every sickness must bow under that name? Poverty must bow under the Name of Jesus. Broken hearts must bow under the Name of Jesus. Is Jesus not the point? What would our lives look like, when we place our focus on Jesus, instead of so many other distractions?

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NETWORK – Kingdom Culture News – April 2021
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