Dear Praying Friends,

Since 2009 we have hosted a month’s prayer, 3 times per year. April, August, and December have been some of the most incredible months as we pray for ministries, Churches, Christian Organisations, missionaries, Kingdom workers, and Christian business owners.
If you fall under one or more of these categories we would love to include you in our prayer calendar.

We dedicate a specific day on the calendar to pray for you. The calendar is shared with other intercessors and groups who pray with us daily. Please use the convenient prayer form below to submit your prayer requests. Book a space with us before 27 March 2021 @12h00.

Please note we are only accepting prayer requests we can make public and place on our prayer calendar.
Network partners and friends get priority on the Calendar! T&C’s apply.

Submit Prayer Requests Below:

PRAY: April Prayer Sessions 2021 – Calendar Bookings
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