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4 Functioning Pillars


EAR2HEAR MINISTRIES functions as a resource supplier for evangelism, a ministry consultant for organisations/leaders and the administrational arm of EAR2HEAR. Read more


EAR2HEAR NETWORK is an organic network partnering different organisations/leaders and people together for the purpose of sharing the Gospel and for the benefit of the greater Church. Read more…


EAR2HEAR PRAY functions as prayer and intercessory arm. Prayer with intercession is made on behalf of our network partners & network friends as well as for other Kingdom causes! Read more…


EAR2HEAR CARE focuses on the humanitarian needs of people. A great way to demonstrate Christ-love practically! Read more…

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Our humble beginnings...
It is not our story but His! It has been a long journey of discovery, renewal and breakthrough. God has taken a “rag-tag” group of Christians and given them a significant purpose for the Kingdom of God. Having few mentors or people who could advise us on which way to go, we had no choice but to look up to God through prayer. Through the leading of the Holy Spirit God has spoken to us, and by His Word, directed us in the way we should go. The Word of God lighted the way forward when we asked for a name in 2007…

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